Monday, April 6, 2015

Life in Batangas

Dear Family and Friends,

     My companion and I just finished our first full week of work in Tanauan and it was great!  One good thing is that all of the young men are out of school.  All of the priests are preparing for missions so one of them works with us every day to help us to get to know the area.  It's been a huge help.  It's a little different training, when I need to step in and take over sometimes.  My companion is very quiet, which is saying something coming from me.  I keep having flashbacks to my first transfer in the mission and then I think of what my trainer would have done for me.  Our ward is progressing very well and we have been able to get around to most of the members and introduce ourselves.  We had a lot of success talking to people this week and finding some new investigators and families to teach.  I have gotten a lot more comfortable with my Tagalog.  Instead of people asking me "Taga saan ka?"  (Where are you from?)  they just ask me "Ano ka?" (What are you).  They also speak very different Tagalog here in Batangas which has taken a little adjusting.  Other than that everything is going great and we're just helping the work move along.

     It's definitely a different world off of the islands, but it's refreshing to have a change.  The city really keeps you on your toes.  I am also burning through money a lot faster with all of the jeepney and tricycle rides.  That's all for this week!  I'm super excited for general conference.  I get so excited for our investigators to watch general conference.  I'm pretty sure they think that I'm a little crazy about it. (They get to watch/listen to General Conference a week after we do.)

     I would also like to send a shout out to Sissy and Brock.  Congrats!  I can't wait to meet Kinley on Skype.  She looks beautiful in the pictures!

-Elder English

Zone P-day

With Elder Brunt (a friend in my zone from Australia) on a jeepney.

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