Monday, April 27, 2015

First Lesson in English

Dear Family and Friends,

     Just finished another great week of work in our area.  My companion and I are just getting better at teaching together.  It's too bad that we are going to get split up next week.  Other good news though, my companion and I just got the call that we are both going to be training next transfer.  We're both really excited for each other.  We have been focusing a lot on our investigators with baptismal goal dates, and the results really paid off this week when we had all of them attend church.  The members here are really good at fellowshipping and helping investigators to feel welcomed.  I am really coming to realize that the work is so much easier and so much more fun.

     One of our experiences.....we were able to teach one of our investigators about the plan of salvation.  He is 18 and originally from Pakistan, but is a native English speaker so I got to teach my first lesson in English on the mission.  His father was a Marine and was killed in action in Pakistan, but his mom is from the Philippines.  It was an amazing thing to see his amazement as we taught him about the fullness of God's plan for us.  He was very hesitant to accept a goal date, but once he heard about the Plan of Salvation, he accepted right away.  It seemed like a light went on inside of him as he saw the "big picture".  I've noticed that one of the biggest things that the Gospel gives to people is perspective. 
     I'm really excited to show the incoming missionary that I will be training all of these things.  We had a funny experience recently as we started getting yelled at by a leader of a different religion.  We quickly got out of the area as people started jumping in.  We couldn't help but laugh as we found somewhere else to eat.  That's one thing that I've noticed.  Here in the Philippines, people are definitely not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  Thank you again for all of your support.  Things are going great in Tanauan!

- Elder English

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