Monday, April 20, 2015

More Changes

Dear Family and Friends,

     I informed all of you last Monday that I would be working in a trio.  I was pretty excited to get it figured out.  We had zone interviews last Tuesday, and President Mangum informed me that I would actually have a companion this coming transfer.  So my companion's name is Elder Encinares.  He's from Samar and is about a year into his mission.  He actually just got out of the hospital, because he had tuberculosis for 3 weeks.  He got better just in time to be my companion after Elder Cultura left (missionary he was training).  We will actually only be companions for 3 weeks until the next transfer.  Then Elder Encinares will be transferred and I will stay in Tanauan and train again.  

     Things have been pretty crazy, but we have 4 baptisms (family) scheduled for May 2.  The father is a member and is actually the older brother of our bishop.  They just moved back home to Tanauan and are all awesome and really excited to be baptized.  It has been really fun going through the lessons with them the past few weeks and telling them all the ways that the Gospel will bless their families.  It's really strengthened my testimony of how central families are to Heavenly Father's plan.  We are all really excited for their baptism.

     Other than that, our area is really progressing well.  I really have no complaints at all, and the missionary life just seems like it's instinct or second nature to me now.  Our ward has a ton of youth and all of our leaders are really involved in the work.   The work is going really great right now and the weeks are flying by.  Thank you all for your support and all the support that you continue to show.  Things are awesome in the Philippines!

- Elder English

Just as an afterthought, he later sent me an e-mail informing me that his bag had been stolen which contained his wallet (bank cards, license, money, etc.) and scriptures (marked and notated just as he liked it).  After several questions, I discovered that the theft occurred during the night in the lower level of their apartment (the bedroom is upstairs), where I'm assuming is their study area.  The window is covered by bars for security so they've concluded that a pole was used to reach into the room and hook items that could fit between the bars.  Hmmmm.....I'm a little uncertain how to feel about all this.  Aaahhh!!!


  1. Oh no! Typical of our missionaries.. adding afterthoughts... when really we think it should have been opening paragraph in bold! Hope it all works out and he gets it back.

    1. Marcia, I'm totally with you, but others have reminded me that it simply means that they're focused on more relevant things.....missionary work.:)