Monday, August 10, 2015

Settling In

Dear Family and Friends,

     The past couple of weeks has been a swirl of faces and places. Our area actually isn't just Bauan. That's just the central location. Our area actually includes three bayans or town centers. One is Bauan, and the other two are San Pascual and Mabini. We have set days where we will only work within certain areas.  It is actually a really fun experience, because there is always a new place for us to go and a new place where missionaries haven't been before.  We do a lot of finding and going bahay-bahay (house to house). We have had to get really creative with our planning, because the traffic gets really bad here and we can sometimes get stuck on a jeepney for an hour in between appointments.

     I had the opportunity to become an on-the-spot speaker yesterday in sacrament meeting since the two other assigned speakers conveniently didn't show up.   It was a really good opportunity for me to introduce myself to everyone in the ward.   They told me the topic was families and eternal marriage.   Let's just say that I mainly focused on families.  I have discovered that the easiest thing to talk with anyone about is families.   I have a routine where I always ask all investigators what the most important thing in their life is.  The first answer is always family.  It is then really easy to jump into any aspect of the Gospel.

     We also have a baptism coming up this week.   Elder Leon is really excited because it will be his first baptism. We're both really excited and she was interviewed just yesterday after church.

     Everything is going well in the area, and Elder Leon and I get along great.  We both have more relaxed personalities, but we still like to get out and work hard.  Thanks for all of your support and advice!

 - Elder English

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