Monday, August 17, 2015

Baptism in Bauan!

Dear Family and Friends,

     No matter what happens in your mission, it is always worth it when you have a baptism.  When I first got into the area, Verlita had a baptismal goal date.  The only problem was that we still had a lot of lessons to teach her and we were thinking that we were probably going to have to extend her goal date.  When we told her this, she absolutely refused.  She told us very frankly that she had agreed to that date and that she had been looking forward to it for a long time.  She also said that she would do anything that it took to be baptized on that date because she needed the Gift of the Holy Ghost as soon as she could get it.  We agreed and flew through the rest of lessons making sure that she understood everything.  She was really happy about it and completely prepared.  It made me think of one of our mission president's questions that he always tells us to ask ourselves.  "Who's dragging who to the baptismal font?"  She was definitely dragging us.

Verlita's baptism (Elder Leon's first baptism)

     Other than that, everything is going well.  When I first came into the area, they had tracted and found a lot of investigators and that's what all their work was focused on.  There is no problem with that, but I have noticed that the work that I enjoy the most is with less-active families and part-member families.  I suggested that we focus on theses things a little more without pushing the investigators out of the picture.  Things went great and we have noticed that the members are starting to volunteer to come work with us because they have connections with many of the people that we have started to visit.  It's really exciting to see the ward rally around those who are going through a rough patch in their lives or feel a little forgotten.

     The area is progressing well and we're starting to get our work and teaching into a good balance.  No complaints!

- Elder English

ps - Welcome to the USA Angel! (Angel is a relative from the Philippines who recently arrived in the US this past week.)

Our last district meeting.  All of the sisters happened to get sick at the same time so it was just the four of us.

The Maranan Family

Zone pday on top of this huge church.

View of Taal 
(I think he's referring to a volcano, but I don't see it.)

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