Monday, August 24, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

     This week was refreshing.  It rained off and on and was cloudy the whole time.  Even though it gets a little harder to talk to people and get inside when it's raining, it was definitely a nice change from the heat.  There is a typhoon going through the very northern part of the Philippines, so we have just been getting the edge of it.  This week seemed to flash by.  We got  a lot of good work done and we really focused on getting members involved in the work.  We have a large pool of investigators right now, but we noticed that the only few that were progressing were those who had been referred by members.  So we really focused on trying to find a match for all of our investigators so they can have a fellow-shipper and someone to go to besides the missionaries if they have a question or concern.  It has been really successful and we are definitely going to keep doing it.

     We always have a mix of interesting experiences when we focus on finding and we also had a few this week.  Most of them just involve drunk people trying to get us to take a shot or sometimes they will just try and give us money so that we will go away.  On one occasion, they thought we were the employees for the TV company and they invited us right inside.  They realized that we were missionaries, but we had already come inside so they just decided to listen to us.  They seemed really interested and were excited for the next appointment.  A lot of times, a little kid will run outside and then run back inside telling their parents that it's the police and then the parents come running outside.  It's not the best first impression, but it is just one way that we're able to get our message out. 

     Everything is going great and I'm really starting to enjoy every phase of the work, which makes everything go by so much faster.  I'm getting to know the area and the members here.  Thanks again for all of your support and advice!

- Elder English

Our view of Batangas Harbor.  
Definitely not a beach but there are a lot of really big boats.

Dinner with the Dimatulac family

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