Saturday, August 9, 2014

One Month Gone!

Family and Friends,

     I got my travel plans yesterday!  I leave on August 21 at 4:30 in the morning.  I go to Portland, then a 5 hour layover, then I go to Tokyo, then a 2 hour layover, then I go to Manila, then a bus ride to San Pablo.  I have two weeks left in the MTC and so much to learn still, but I just want to get to the Philippines.  The other day, we all went on Google Earth and looked at pictures of our mission.  We decided that we needed to stop because we were all freaking out and wanting to leave right then.  We made a rule that we can only look at pictures every other day so that we can stay focused.  
     Everything is still going well in the MTC.  I loved the package that I got with letters from all the cousins.  It really helped a lot!  I only have 12 days left in the MTC which makes me realize how much more I still need to learn.  The other day, the MTC president (Pres. Nally) came and took me out of class.  I was really scared until he told me that his daughter (Jessica Davis) was in my ward.  He took a picture with me and everyone in my district is super jealous now.  The MTC presidency really is like royalty around here.  
     One funny story that happened this week.  One elder in our district started talking about some things that probably weren't missionary appropriate.  Nothing too crazy though.  He was leaning against the board and the framed picture of our missionary purpose fell down and smacked him in the head.  We were all laughing because he literally got hit with his purpose when he was getting distracted.  Just a little reminder that the Lord really is watching all of us, and sometimes we need a little reminder or smack on the head. 
     Also, all of our investigators are progressing really well.  We got Gemma to go to church. We basically told her that there were blessings waiting for her and her family.  We said that she will have to make sacrifices, but the Lord will bless our broken Tagalog, so it took about 15 minutes.  We are now actually able to ask open-ended questions and answer them.  We are still trying to get the sentence structure down though.  It's just a different way of thinking.  It can be kind of hard to break an 18-year habit.
     I'm almost out of time so I just wanted to say hey to all of the cousins, family, and friends. I'm working my hardest and can't wait to get to the Philippines.
-Elder English

*For those of you who remember the Scoffields (Lance and Cherie), their son Nicholas, ended up in the same district as Bradyn.  He is going to the Quezon City Mission.  So exciting!!

Photos courtesy of Elder Scoffield
Companion - Elder Erickson

Elder Nicholas Scoffield

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  1. Days are really going fast I can't believed that in less than 2 weeks your are going to the Philippines already. I am really proud of what you are doing. May our dear Lord be with you all the time to guide and help you with all your goals. Rest assured that I am always praying for your safety. Love Grandma