Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last P-day in the MTC

P-day is short for "preparation day."  This is when they usually attend the temple, read and write e-mails, do laundry and of course continue to study.  


Family and Friends,

     I can't believe that my time in the MTC is done.  It is really weird not to be heading off to school.  Instead, I'm going to the Philippines for two years.  There really isn't much to report this week.  Basically the same thing that we have done every day for the past month.  We did go to this thing called In-field orientation.  It was yesterday and it was 8 hours long.  It is held every week and it is for all of the missionaries that are leaving the following week.  They basically teach us all of the stuff that we don't learn in the classroom.  We learned how to relate the gospel to someone that you just meet on the street, use key indicators to set goals, and about three hours just on working with members.  We practiced how to get referrals, and how to invite members to lessons, and how to utilize every aspect of the church organization for our investigators.  They kept saying over and over that the only way to do missionary work today is to use the members.  I never realized how important members are in the conversion process.
     Other than that, same routine every day.  I'm definitely ready for a change.  This week I learned that the Tagalog word for conversion is pagbabalik-loob.  It actually translates into English as "return inside".  My teacher used it to show us that when we teach the gospel, we are helping people discover who they really are and how they can return to that.  It just made me more excited to get to the Philippines.  It just barely hit me yesterday that next Sunday, I will be introducing myself to people at church in the Philippines.  It is a little scary to think about, but I know that I'm as ready as I'm going to get.
     I really wish that I had more to say, but I'm sure that I will have a massive email next week.  Thanks for everything and for all of your support!

-Elder English

"We turned our suits inside-out like the Fresh Prince.  We goof around sometimes."

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