Monday, June 15, 2015

The Sweaty Season

Dear Family and Friends,

     I've noticed that the biggest point of conversation for all the missionaries in our mission is the weather.  We are technically in the rainy season right now, but it won't actually start cooling off until September.  So all of the missionaries have come to an agreement to call it the sweaty season.  

     Other than that, our work is going well and we are continually finding more people to share the gospel with.  We met this little kid while we were walking the other day.  He told us his name was Jackpot.  We didn't believe him so he said we could even ask his parents to prove that it really was his name.  We said ok and he took us right to his parents.  We found out that his name really is Jackpot, but more importantly, his family was really interested in our message and we were able to teach them about the Restoration right there.  It really was a testimony builder for me to know that God is preparing people to hear our message.  Sometimes he even has people like Jackpot to take us right to them.

     We have had a lot of time to just walk around and talk to people and it has really helped me come to love the Philippines and the people here.  The work doesn't even feel like work anymore.  We just get to go around all day and share our message of happiness.  Of course there are discouragements, but I've found that they just fade into the background if we are just out working hard.

     Everything is going well and hopefully we will have some baptisms coming up!  Thanks for all of your support!

- Elder English

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