Monday, January 19, 2015



Dear Family and Friends,

     It's been another great week here on Mindoro.  Our group is continuing to progress and we can see the members getting excited about the work.  The brother that I talked about last week who was always drunk, but is coming back to church is doing amazing.  He has even started bringing back other inactive priesthood holders with him.  He is really helping the work progress here.  I have gained a very deep appreciation for the priesthood here in Socorro.  It is so simple, if there is no priesthood, there is no church.  I've really come to the realization of how real and how powerful the priesthood really is here on the mission.  

     This last week, we also had the opportunity to attend the Philippines area broadcast.  The Philippines area presidency presented the new goals and vision for the church in the Philippines for 2015.  They are really focusing on the Philippines becoming self-sufficient.  They said with the amount of members in the Philippines, there is no reason that we should have to rely on the general church fund or pull from other countries for temple names or have foreign missionaries here in the Philippines.  I guess that means no Elder English.  They're just trying to tell church members that the church is strong here, but it could be so much stronger.  It is awesome to know that these leaders are receiving revelation directly from God for the church in the Philippines.

     Our work is going great in Socorro, and we have been finding a lot of potential investigators, now this week is all about following up.  It's exciting to see our hard work paying off and the members' excitement also.  When we put the Lord first, everything else will always work out.  Thanks for all of your support!  Excited to get out and work hard again!
- Elder English

 What we walk on all day in Socorro.

It floods quite a bit during December and we have to be prepared.

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