Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

     Another week has gone by on Mindoro and things with the Socorro Group are going great.  Our group is really progressing.  This week we had a great miracle.  Every day we walk by one of the member's houses in our area who has not attended church for a long time.  One day, we walked by and he started yelling at us (like he often does) because he is usually drunk when we see him.  We always ask him if there is anything we can do to help him and when we can visit him.  When we asked him he said, "Elders, don't worry.  You can talk to me at church this week because I will be there."  We left not really taking him seriously.  We showed up on Sunday and saw him with a new haircut, he was clean shaven, and he was wearing a white shirt and tie.  We don't know why he decided to change, but we're sure glad that he did!  It has really strengthened my testimony to see the way that he has changed and he is really starting to realize how happy the Gospel can make us.

     There has been a lot of buzz around the members lately that our group will soon be becoming a branch.  I realized last week that we have no organized quorums or auxiliaries in our group.  It has been bothering me since I first came to Socorro.  I said to the group leader that if we want to become a branch, that is something that we need to have.  He said ok and that we would have a meeting for all the members after church.  We were really excited and we got up in the meeting and told the members about these things.  I didn't even realize that most of the members didn't know what Relief Society, Elders Quorum, or what Gospel Principles class was.  They also didn't know what area they fell into.  We had to go through and tell everyone individually where they would go for the second and third hour of church.  It was definitely a new and eye-opening experience for me.  So that means that this last week, Socorro had its first organized Relief Society, Primary, and Priesthood meetings ever!  Right now, all the priesthood just meets together in a little side room, but there really is a power in the way the church is organized and it was exciting to see the friendships of the priesthood holders, the youth, and the Relief Society grow stronger.  We had another successful week of finding and we have a lot of new investigators to return to so we're going to take a break from tracting and focus on the members and their families for a few weeks.  

Everything's going great on Mindoro!
- Elder English

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