Monday, September 15, 2014

I am now Wearing Glasses


We didn't get an 'official' letter from Bradyn this week due to time constraints and other tasks on the computer, but I did receive answers to a few specific questions I asked him regarding their investigators, the ward, favorite experiences, how he's progressing with the language and how much he's liking being a missionary.  Oh.....he also informed me that he is now wearing glasses.  Just read on......

I'm doing great.  I actually have something really random to tell you.  I was getting really bad headaches whenever I would study, so my companion forced me to get my eyes checked.  They said that I'm near - sighted and I have glasses now.  I bought the cheapest ones that they had.  They're brown with a New York Yankees logo on the side.  I didn't want to get a nice pair and break them.  Maybe I will get another pair later.  This all happened this week, but I'm not getting headaches anymore.  Just wanted to let you know.  I don't think I'll have time to write a big email this week.  We have some other things that we need to do on the computers.  I hope that's ok......

Our investigators are doing great.  They were all progressing, but then none of them came to church this week so we were kind of confused.  We are busy all of the time and being a missionary is awesome!   Our ward is great.  We are having problems getting ward council together every month, but the members are really willing to help us.  I can lead a lesson now, but I still can't have a flowing conversation with someone quite yet.  Also, little kids are impossible to understand right now.

We have so many amazing experiences every day.  If an appointment falls through, we literally walk next door and they are willing to listen to us every time.  The main area where we do most of our work is this area of miles and miles of railroad tracks where there are just bamboo huts and cardboard houses lining the sides.  I'll send you a picture as soon as I can.  That's my favorite place to go.

"The American is Elder Hunter - he is companions with Elder Pulido (the Filipino with his mouth open in the picture). They are the other companionship that we live with.  The first one is me with my companion, Elder Torio."

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