Monday, September 22, 2014

Dengue Fever


We received a bit of unnerving news late last night with Bradyn's letter regarding dengue fever that he had been battling with all week.  I spoke with the mission president's wife and she assured me that she is continuing to monitor his recovery, along with the area medical advisor.  She felt like they received a birthday miracle when his blood work finally came back normal on Sunday (it was his birthday).  She promised to keep me posted with his progress.  

This has been kind of a crazy week.  I had my first and hopefully last experience with Dengue Fever.  It's just a really bad strain of the fever that you can get from mosquitoes.  So I was in bed most of the week.  I lost a lot of weight, so all of my clothes look huge on me now. We also didn't get very much work done.  I got blood drawn about 5 times so they could keep monitoring me, and then I just laid in bed and tried to study.  
We were just trying to keep in contact with our investigators.  It seems like if you don't visit them at least once a week, they fall off the face of the earth.  We did have three investigators at church yesterday, so we were really excited about that.  We are also going to have to move all of our baptismal dates back a week.  
Other than that little set-back,things are going great.  Our investigators are progressing and the ward members are very willing to work with us, which is the most helpful thing.  Our missionary work is ten times easier when the members do their missionary work.  That's all I really have to report this week.  Hopefully we will be able to get more done next week!
- Elder English

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